Face à Phasmes / Les Zéoles / Bal O'Gadjo / Bal Barbare / Duo Vincendeau-Felder / Duo Laloy-Le Tron / Ma Petite Trio Jolivet-Padovani-Robin / Duo TTC / La Base Duo / Ormuz / Naragonia Quartet


...is an urban festival of folk dances and music, organized by the association "La Campanule". We reach an audience of all ages and international, with at least a third of foreigners dancers. In folk, the dancer is the audience. Between 2010 and 2016, the festival welcomed more than 600 dancers per day in Lyon and Villeurbanne to a sold-out audience. Since the 2017 edition, La Campanule has had the privilege of occupying the immense "Espace 140" located in Rillieux-la-Pape. This room can accommodate up to a thousand dancers simultaneously!

    Funambals it's balls with live music, groups from all over Europe to make the public dance, a fully participatory event, technically and financially autonomous, a well established organisation, an association with 50 years of experience in organising folk events in Lyon and its surroundings. Folk dance offers dances accessible to all: all ages, all levels. Folk dances are popular with most people. Our association has often been asked by the City of Lyon to organize balls: July 14 on the Quays of the Saône, Fête de la Musique, Les Chants de Mars. Since 2017, Les Nuits de Fourvière has been hosting a folk ball.

    Join us! Get into the dance!