Evening of Friday 05 April
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm / Espace 140

PILLOT Lucien : Hurdy gurdy
NIOULOU Joanny : Bag pipes musette 16, 20, 23 inch, podorythmy

These two musicians met on folk dancefloors and have not let go since. Their music is made up of a skilful mix of dance, rhythm, swing, drones and melodies. An interpretation without counterfeit, sincere and instinctive, where the cogitation has no place, but where the spontaneity creates a freshness without makeup.
Close to the sources, but in an experience of today, the music of Face à Phasmes does not question and fits perfectly into a continuity of traditional music in perpetual evolution.

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Evening of Friday 05 April
10:15 pm - 11:45 pm / Espace 140

DENARIE Amélie : Diatonic accordion, glockenspiel
GUINOT Anne : Chromatic accordion

Les Zéoles is the meeting of a diatonic accordion and a chromatic accordion. Created in 2008 in Montreuil by Amélie Denarié and Anne Guinot. This duo tells, through a repertoire with original compositions, his love for balls and all what comes with them. The bellows come to tickle the ears like toes!

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Evening of Friday 05 April
12:00 am - 2:00 am / Espace 140

BUCHER Fabien : Guitar, Mandolin
GIBAUX Lucie : Clarinet, Singing
MAGNAN Lucile : Cello, SInging
OLIVER Paul : Violin, Algerian mondole
WORNOM Samule : Derbouka, Doholla, Cajon

With more than 400 concerts throughout Europe and 5 albums, Bal O'Gadjo continues its work of gathering the traditional music and world songs. A beautiful journey that skillfully alternates songs, inspired improvisations, melodies with several voices, chiseled arrangements and rhythms with oriental and modern flavors.
With their many different experiences, the 5 musicians mix their musical personalities in a concert without borders, marked by Balkan and Mediterranean cultures, giving a folk dance always alive and creative!

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Evening of Saturday 06 April
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm / Espace 140

Jérémie BONAMANT TEBOUL : Accordéon diatonique, didgeridoo, guimbardes, shruti box , ttun-ttun, tubes et flutes harmoniques
Aymerick TRON : Accordéon chromatique, guitares, looper

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Evening of Saturday 06 April
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm / Outside


Here is the 10th anniversary of Funambals and one of our speciality is back: the dancing walk! We have been thinking about our presence in the places where the festival is taking place for a few years. We try to divert the place to surprise the dancers but also the local population. For 3 years, we proposed offbeat walks at La Croix-Rousse in the heart of Lyon. This year, we propose a new walk between the building towers 5 minutes from Espace 140. The idea is to walk everyone around the city. The walk is led by two friends who mix reality and humorous detours, with dancing musical breaks.

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    Evening of Saturday 06 April
    5:00 pm - 6:30 pm / Espace 140

    Bonamant Teboul Jérémie : Didgeridoo, jew's harp,diatonic accordion, shruti box , ttun-ttun, tubes and flutes
    Fermé Paul : Violin
    Marlaud Régis : Diatonic accordion

    Once the process has begun, Bal Barbare explores a repertoire that is both powerful and wild, where the acoustic spaces are filled with a drone, where the archaic notes bring a vivacious and poetic substance. Behind this enigmatic name hides a trio built around a common desire: to offer a fusion of original sounds. The didgeridoo and jew's harp bring the energy of an hovering universe, and offer a space without borders in which the violin and the accordion rush without moderation. Thus the trio embodies melodies, rhythms and harmonies to compose together the alchemy of a bewitching ball. Interlace of swinging waltzes, swaying mazurkas, crazy circles, neck-to-elbow plinns. A resolutely actual music that has its roots in the meanders of traditional European music and the energy of mixing genres at the service of dance and trance!

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    Evening of Saturday 06 April
    6:45 pm - 8:15 pm / Espace 140

    VINCENDEAU Stevan : Accordion diatonic
    FELDER Thomas : Violin

    For 10 years now, accordionist Stevan Vincendeau and violinist Thomas Felder have traveled the roads of Brittany and elsewhere, from fest-noz to cabarets, from festivals to village parties ... A decade they spent at creating, composing and arranging acoustic music without barriers but deeply rooted in its "country", its region. Innovative compositions, revisited tradition never devoid of its charm nor its original authenticity. All this was served by two accomplices with sensitive games, two generous and always inspired interpreters.

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    Evening of Saturday 06 April
    9:00 pm - 10:45 pm / Espace 140

    LALOY Didier : Diatonic accordion
    LE TRON Bruno : Diatonic accordion

    It was probably written somewhere that Didier Laloy, student of Bruno Le Tron at 13 years old, would one day play with him. With TREF (accompanied by Wim Claeys and Frédéric Malempré) and the Samurai (quintet of accordions, among the best in Europe), they have the opportunity to prove that both are giants of the diatonic accordion. But when they perform as a duet, the result is a perfect balanced tandem that shares ballroom music at the top of their game. Some classics from the ball repertoire, of course, but some surprises too!

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    Evening of Saturday 06 April
    11:00 pm - 12:45 am / Espace 140

    BARBEAU Maxime : Diatonic accordion
    DANCRE Maxime : Percussions, singing
    FOSSAERT Thomas : Saxophone, Singing
    VRIGNAULT Perrine : Singing, diatonic accordion

    It's been several years since Perrine Vrignault, singer and accordionist, explores the traditional poitevin songs with a disconcerting freshness. For this brand new quartet of music to dance, she found three musicians as free and adventurous as she is. The two Maxime, Dancre and Barbeau, offer formidable hypnotic rhythmic paths. As for Thomas Fossaert, he transforms its saxophone into improvising pilot fish. The continuous breath becomes lyricism, participating in this great collective trance. It is a ball that sticks to the body for the happiness of all, and as we are obliged to nothing, we can also listen with closed eyes.

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    Evening of Saturday 06 April
    1:00 am - 3:00 am / Espace 140

    PADOVANI Julien : Chromatic accordion
    JOLIVET Grégory : Electric hurdy gurdy
    ROBIN François : Veuze

    These three could have played flute, viola da gamba, or the jew's harp, that our joy would have been the same. It is elsewhere that their music transpires. We are dealing here with musicians who draw their music deep into their physical and sensitive engagement. An animality on the skin, tender and dreadful snoring, survival reflex for the dance to exult. It sometimes happens that we almost forgets the instruments, that we pay attention only to the story that the musicians tell us and that the party is total for our ears.

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    Evening of Sunday 07 April
    3:30 pm - 5:15 pm / Espace 140

    RESTOIN Thomas : Chromatic accordion, accordina
    SIMONNIN Tiennet : Chromatic accordion, whistle

    Born in 2009, DUO TTC offers a multi-faceted folk ball music. If compositions and traditional tunes constitute the majority of the repertoire, this duet also takes a lot of pleasure to play songs of all horizons (variety, classical, jazz ...) and to transform them into music to dance! With their two chromatic accordions, Thomas and Tiennet deliver inspired and rhythmic music without borders.

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    Evening of Sunday 07 April
    5:30 pm - 7:15 pm / Espace 140

    MONTBORD Joachim : Singing, cistre, boha, drum
    OLIVER Didier : Violins, boha, mandole, singing

    La Base plays a traditional gascon ball with new sound. The strength of this duo is its great energy and eclectic influences. Didier OLIVER and Joachim MONTBORD are both multi-instrumentalists and sing in Occitan. On stage, they are two but play like four.
    Over the years, these friends have become specialists in rondeaux, congos, and other dances of the french Southwest. In their second album "Braçat de bòis", the traditional rearranged tunes, songs, and original compositions come together.

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    Evening of Sunday 07 April
    7:45 pm - 9:45 pm / Espace 140

    CATTEAU Olivier : Accordion diationic, singing
    BOUR-WICART Dorian : Violin, singing
    FARDEL Hubert : Bass
    GAGNON Laure : Wooden flute, singing
    HUYGEBAERT Florian : Podorythmy, percussions, guitar, singing
    HUYGEBAERT Martin : Guitar, bouzouki, singing

    Ormuz is a journey to the lands of Old and New France, between songs rhythmed by feet and irresistible counter time of furious reels. The combined energy and finesse of the six members give the band's repertoire a powerful style. Singing occupies a central place, Ormuz is inspired by tradition but found its own identity.

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    Evening of Sunday 07 April
    10:00 pm - 11:59 pm / Espace 140

    RUBENS Pascale : Accordion diatonic, violin
    DECOMBEL Maarten : Mandole, guitar, singing
    VAN MIERLO Toon : Diatonic accordion, bagpipes
    PILARTZ Luc : Violin

    Pascale Rubens and Toon Van Mierlo of the Naragonia group know perfectly how to prepare little, succulent, voluptuous and intimate musical dishes full of beauty. Much more than an instrumental extension of the duo, the Naragonia Quartet has its repertoire and a unique sound. This quartet guarantees an evening of excellent music. Maarten Decombel (mandole and guitar) and Luc Pilartz (violin) create, with Toon and Pascale, an offset musical universe in a festive atmosphere. The Naragonia Quartet gives you a breath of musical energy.

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