Bal O'Gadjo
Evening of Friday 05 April
12:00 am - 2:00 am / Espace 140

BUCHER Fabien : Guitar, Mandolin
GIBAUX Lucie : Clarinet, Singing
MAGNAN Lucile : Cello, SInging
OLIVER Paul : Violin, Algerian mondole
WORNOM Samule : Derbouka, Doholla, Cajon

With more than 400 concerts throughout Europe and 5 albums, Bal O'Gadjo continues its work of gathering the traditional music and world songs. A beautiful journey that skillfully alternates songs, inspired improvisations, melodies with several voices, chiseled arrangements and rhythms with oriental and modern flavors.
With their many different experiences, the 5 musicians mix their musical personalities in a concert without borders, marked by Balkan and Mediterranean cultures, giving a folk dance always alive and creative!

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