Saturday 06 April - 10:00 - 16:30 / Maison des familles
Accueil du Public: 09:30
Didier LALOY : Instructor

in french
Level: medium - advanced

Based on personal compositions or european traditional pieces, we'll work interpretation, rythmical and harmonic accompaniment. Work will be done in the ear on sol/do diatonic accordion.

Saturday 06 April - 12:00 - 16:30 / Le Tapis Volant
Accueil du Public: 11:30
Koen Dhondt : Instructor

    Koen improvises often whe, he dances and he likes sharing his improvisation pleasure. During this workshop, you'll be invited to improvise with games and get tools to succeed more easily. Through little exercises coming from theater you'll get spontaneity and creativity in dance. Required basis are to be open-minded and like games: do not fear to mistake or to not control. Koen will encourage you to come over your limits, to try new things.

    Saturday 06 April - 12:00 - 15:00 / Le Tapis Volant
    Accueil du Public: 11:30
    Herinx Guilhem : Instructor

      French South West dances by Guilhem HERINX.

      Branle d'Ossau and Congo de Captieux : let's go!

      Sunday 07 April - 10:00 - 13:00 / Maison des familles
      Accueil du Public: 09:30
      Perrine VRIGNAULT : Instructor

        Singing workshop by Perrine Vrignault (Ma Petite).
        DIscovery workshop for all levels.

        Perrine will propose a discovery of Poitou singing in two steps. First step will concern singing in circle with a work on energy, projection, groove... In a second step, a work of interpretation. Basis will be collected songs and their rythmical and melodic variations.

        Crédit photo © Véronique Chochon

        Sunday 07 April - 10:00 - 13:00 / Le Tapis Volant
        Accueil du Public: 09:30
        Aurora CAVAZZIN : Instructor

          We will jump onto the DeLaridé (folk version of DeLorean) to come back to origins of movement, dancing movement. All along the trip we will gather atoms which compose the dance: body, space, dynamic and relation... to finally come back to present and enjoy bals wiyh much more awareness and pleasure.

          Sunday 07 April - 10:00 - 13:00 / Le Tapis Volant
          Accueil du Public: 09:30
          Serge Bertrand / Rythm'n team : Instructor

          We use an instrumentarium composed of drums and percussions from all around the world (Cuban congas, African djembes, Brazilian drums and many other origins). We draw a parallel between the diversity of the instruments and the human diversity. The participants are guided by two musicians whose role is to bring the band into a unique collective musical experience. After warming up and discovering the instruments, games will allow participants to get technical and intuitive elements in order to understand and feel the music. As the group gains confidence and autonomy, other instruments such as claves and other small percussions will be added to enrich the music and evolve towards collective creation. At the end of the session, the band vibrates in unison, playing the music they have created themselves and including the rhythmic personality of each participant.

          Sunday 07 April - 11:30 - 13:30 / Le Tapis Volant
          Accueil du Public: 11:00
          Martin HUYGEBAERT : Instructor
          Olivier CATTEAU : Music

          The group Ormuz proposes a discovery of different collective dances of Quebec, starting from French or English old quadrilles until the still practiced square sets. Some European collective dances are added to their repertoire to enrich it. The caller teaches and sculpts the steps according to the rhythm given by the musicians, in a convivial atmosphere that is suitable for both beginners and experienced dancers.